Monday, December 31, 2012

Stilt - she's finished

Black Necked Stilt
She is finished! 

And what loooong legs - she stands about 12 inches tall and the base is a piece of driftwood - this driftwood is Ocean driftwood, not from Lake Champlain. 

I made the legs from coat hanger wire. 

She's pretty with her red eyes.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Painting the Stilt

The Black Necked Stilt is coming along! 

This is the first layer of painting and the eyes are all done. 

Next I will work on refining the feathers and then onto the base - probably another piece of driftwood from my collection. 

After the storms we had last spring several people have been gathering driftwood for me!

Black-Necked Stilt - new shorebird

This is the next shorebird I am working on this weekend. 

She's a Black-Necked Stilt - named a 'stilt' because her legs are long - actually the longest legs of any bird in relation to the body size. 

These birds wade around the flats and eat tiny bugs and fish with their long beaks. 

Stilts have beautiful red eyes - you can see the photo I am working from on the table.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Herring Gull

Well, here she is mates!

The finished piece stands about 9 inches tall. This morning I added more details to the wings, then drilled the holes for the post to hold her up on the drift wood.

I had lots of fun making this piece - hope you enjoy it.

Brings back memories of all those pesky gulls hanging around the wharf where my grandfather's boat was docked in New Bedford. We'd come in with flounder and cod and they would always be waiting for the scraps.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Painting Almost Done

The dark background helps to bring out the contrast.

A few more touches and she'll be ready to mount onto the driftwood base!

She's almost ready...

Herring Gull - progress

Some of the initial painting is done.

I cut in the base colors first, then work up the details. I'm about to begin the feathers on the side of the body - a soft 'driftwood grey' with white highlights.

Painting takes my mind off the day-to-day cares and worries of our Computer business - it's very relaxing.

New Series of Shorebirds

Herring Gull - poplar wood - cut, shaped and sanded -
ready to paint
I'm starting a new series of wooden, cut, shaped and carved (details) shorebirds. I grew up in New Bedford Mass where, as children, we made many trips to the beaches around the Cape.

The shorebirds scurrying around the beach flats always fascinated me - the long legs and the long beaks - and those gulls!! You love them or you hate them - so I'm starting this series with a common Herring Gull.

She'll be mounted on a beautiful piece  of driftwood.