Monday, November 17, 2008

Part 9 Painting continues....

Here is another view of the painting. Lucky is half painted and you can see the ball she will be balanced on as well as the 3 balls she will be juggling behind her legs and tail in the background! She is resting on her head and front paws, but she will be upright on the large ball (she's just drying so I can paint the other half)


Fran Caldwell said...

Michael, what a lovely site. How generous you are to show your work methods.

I am a painter, but I love working with wood, though many times about getting the appropriate tools to "make things". It's the wonderful colors of the whirlygigs and gizmos from the past that we love so much, isn't it?

It means we never quite grow up. How wonderful! I will be following you from now on. You were delivered to my mailbox via Google Reader, by the way.

My web is

Perhaps you'll blog me back.


Fran Caldwell said...

I just put a mention of you on my blog (

Hope you don't mind.