Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Automata - the sketch

I am working on a new automata idea. An automata is a simple mechanical toy using wooden parts like shafts, cams, gears and lifters to perform an action.

Keeping with my love of circus themes, I am going to create an automata that depicts a dog, holding a hoop and there will be chickens jumping through the hoop. The dog will have a little 'chicken whip' that will help to encourage the chickens to keep going.

Automata can be fairly complex but I like to keep things simple. Here is my initial doodle sketch that shows some of the parts. You can see the shaft with the chickens. They will come up out of the base which is a wooden box.

The chickens will go through the hoop and the dog's arm will go up and down holding a circus whip. You can also see a sketch of the chicken and the dog as well. There are several views to work out but I have found that too much planning takes away the spontaneity.

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